Participation Made Simple

The Endowment Foundation wants you to become knowledgeable about the Foundation so that you might decide if supporting the Endowment Foundation is something you might wish to consider. The following FAQ’s may help you to become more knowledgeable.

1.   How would my participation in the Endowment Foundation differ from my regular giving/tithing?

2.   How does an Estate Plan work, and does it relate to participation in the Endowment Foundation ?

3.   Do I need to have an Estate Plan to participate?

4.   Where can I get more information about Estate Planning if I want to consider setting one up?

5.   What kind of contributions can be made to the Endowment Foundation ?

6.   Can Unity help me with arranging for a gift?

7.   Will Unity be making any special presentations related to the Endowment Foundation or Estate Planning?

8.   What would be the first step for me if I want to discuss my interest with someone?

9.   Is there any timeframe for me to consider making a gift?


Click HERE for our Participation and FAQ Sheet