Regular Giving vs. Tithing

These two types of giving have two different purposes. Your gift
to the Endowment Foundation supports the church’s long term
viability. Your regular gifts to Unity Church of Hawai’i support all
of the day-to-day operations of the church including services,
classes, administration, and general maintenance and
improvement of the church property.

Arrange for A Gift

We can explain to you the various ways in which the
Foundation can receive your gifts and be benefited by them.
Although we cannot provide legal or tax advice, we may assist
you in finding appropriate outside resources if needed. If you
already have a lawyer, accountant or financial planner, that
professional may help you with the details of including the
Endowment Foundation in your plans.


Although the Endowment Foundation generally receives gifts
from those who have named the Foundation in their estate
plans, individuals may also choose to make donations to the
Foundation at any time and in any amount. Just designate any gift
to the Unity of Hawai’i Endowment Foundation.

Initiate a Conversation

If you have questions or seek more information, please contact
a Foundation representative by simply phoning the church
o f f ice at (808)735-4436 or sending an e-mail to A follow-up will be arranged.
Special informational meetings will also be conducted from
time to time. You may also wish to visit the Foundation’s
website for more information.

More Information About our Foundation

Unity of Hawai’i Endowment Foundation is a
supporting corporate organization to Unity
Church of Hawai’i under Section 509(a)(3)…